Web Hosting & Email

Web Hosting & Email


It’s usually a good idea to host your website and email on the server that your web designer owns (If he owns one). The reason for this is for better ease of access, server modification if needed, security updates and more. At SoCalWebsiteDesigns.com we own our own servers and offer all the services below at affordable prices. We will take care of all your needs, all in one place.

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Website Hosting Company

Here is how we will start to get your business launched on the internet:

  • Domain Name Search – We will help you find a great name
  • Domain Name Registration – We will help you register it
  • Hosting – Your website needs to be hosted on a server, we can do that for you
  • Modify Your DNS and “A” Records – To point your new domain to the correct server
  • Email – Set up your email accounts for you
  • Security – Help you make good choices in passwords and keep your site updates current
  • Site Lock Down – Lock down your site so that it can’t be transferred
  • Website Renewal – We will keep you up to date on renewing your domain name

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